SPAM Cheesy Bites

We’re giving you a reason to play with your food. Try Pizza Hut's SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza with SPAM in every bite. Just twist, pull, and pop to enjoy!Order yours today at or dial ‎8911-1111. #SPAMCheesyBites #PizzaHutPH

Geplaatst door Pizza Hut op Maandag 24 februari 2020

Craving for both SPAM and pizza? Crave no more! The new SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza from Pizza Hut is now here.

This is not the SPAM you are receiving from your emails. You can eat them instead. This is made possible by a new creation from Pizza Hut. The new SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza is a new spin on the Stuffed-crust Pizza.

SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza (Regular – Php419.00 / Large – Php639.00)

This new Pizza Hut creation is a new twist on the classic cheese pizza with SPAM cubes on top. This is complemented with cheesy pull-able crust stuffed with SPAM and cheese.

We ordered this during the early part of the enhanced quarantine in the National Capital Region since we are craving for some pizza goodness. In fairness to them, the delivery is still fast and prompt even though it is expected that there will be bulk of delivery orders from others as well.

The pizza is actually a little salty – from the SPAM but still tasty. The cheesiness, on the other hand, cuts this saltiness and provides a creamy texture to the dish. Despite our liking to thin-crusted pizza, it is actually good that Pizza Hut’s pizzas has thick crust. The crispy and savory hot crust also complements the saltiness of the SPAM.

The pull-able cheesy bites are also quite salty but the cheesiness and the crust complements it very well. The stuffed crust can actually stands on its own as a snack.

Upon researching, we noted that the Cheesy Bites Pizza should have came with a Marinara Sauce but our order didn’t have the sauce. Regardless, the pizza is still ok for us. The experience could have been better and we could have had a #YesYumYum experience if we had the Marinara Sauce.

The SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza is available beginning 3 March 2020 up to 9 May 2020 only.