New Spicy Chicken Burger from McDo PH

New Spicy Chicken Burger from McDo PH

McDonald’s Philippines has launched 2 “new” spicy offerings to their menu. This includes a new Spicy Chicken Burger and the new Spicy Shake Shake Fries.

Courtesy: McDonald’s Philippines

The new Spicy Chicken Burger a meaty and spicy fried chicken cutlet, topped with creamy mayo, and sandwiched in-between a sesame split bun. You might ask what’s the difference between this and the previously offered McSpicy? The answer is none except that this one does not have lettuce.

The new Spicy Shake Shake Fries, on the other hand, is a totally new offering – the spicy powder of course, not the fries.

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Burger (Php99.00 – solo)

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

McDonald’s Spicy Shake Shake Fries (Php65.00 – medium solo / Php85.00 – large solo)

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

If you have companions or maybe just a big Spicy person, then you might want to order the McDonald’s burger bundle with three of the Spicy Burgers, a BFF Spicy Shake Shake Fries, and three regular drinks.

What we think?

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

The Spicy Chicken Burger is ok but lacking in our opinion. Just the same as McSpicy but slight inferior. We feel that the chicken might be over-breaded and the taste is flour-y (if there is such a word). The lack of lettuce is also disappointing since it adds refreshing taste to the burger.

The Spicy Shake Shake Fries is also ok. A good addition to the choices and great on its own. But we were easily satiated by the taste after a few bites of the burger plus the fries. We were actually joking that it could have been better if McDonald’s actually offered Spicy McFloat. Lmao.

Hurry up as this offering is only available for a limited time.

As of the time of writing this article, most part of the Philippines is under the Enhanced Community Quarantine because of the global pandemic, COVID19. Hence, orders can only be availed thru takeout or delivery from selected branches.

Fish is it! McDoPH brings back Fish and Fries

Fish is it! McDoPH brings back Fish and Fries

Our Tastiest Catch

Dive in for a tasty surprise! Enjoy the crunchy golden goodness of Fish & Fries or get the classic Filet-O-Fish. Catch ‘em while you can. Order now at

Geplaatst door McDonald's op Donderdag 13 februari 2020

Return of Fishy Offerings

McDonald’s Philippines just brought back Fish and Fries as part of their menu for the Lent Season. They already launched this offering a few years back but this is the first time it will be reviewed in Yes Yum Yum.

McDonald’s Fish and Fries (1pc meal with drink – Php157.00 / 2pc meal with drink – Php253.00)

This is McDonald’s version of the classic British favorite featuring golden fried flaky fish and their World Famous Fries. The meal also comes with a sauce, of which you can choose between Tartar sauce or Sweet and Sour sauce.

Looking at the piece of fish, we thought that the breading will be thick but we realised soon that it’s not. The fish is crunchy and has a nice salty exterior and sweet meat. The Tartar sauce also adds a tang when the fish is dipped into it. Overall, the Fish and the Fries is a better alternative to the Filet-o-Fish if you want something new and lighter compared to other burger and chicken meals. We wish, though, that the fish be bigger since it’s quite tasty and the 2pc seems too expensive. You can also substitute rice with the fries at no additional cost if you want something more filling.

McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish (1pc Medium Meal – Php173.00 / 2 pc Medium Meal Php216.00)

The McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish is a unique creation of a golden fish fillet patty in between soft buns with tartar sauce. The combination of the tastes of the fish filet and tartar sauce is good but could have been better if the filet is crunchier. I wish McDonald’s would also offer in the future a similar sandwich but the filet is similar to that they are offering for the Fish and Fries meal.

These two new menu items are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery transactions and for a limited time only.

Have you tried these McDonald’s offerings for the lenten season? Let us know.