New Spicy Chicken Burger from McDo PH

New Spicy Chicken Burger from McDo PH

McDonald’s Philippines has launched 2 “new” spicy offerings to their menu. This includes a new Spicy Chicken Burger and the new Spicy Shake Shake Fries.

Courtesy: McDonald’s Philippines

The new Spicy Chicken Burger a meaty and spicy fried chicken cutlet, topped with creamy mayo, and sandwiched in-between a sesame split bun. You might ask what’s the difference between this and the previously offered McSpicy? The answer is none except that this one does not have lettuce.

The new Spicy Shake Shake Fries, on the other hand, is a totally new offering – the spicy powder of course, not the fries.

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Burger (Php99.00 – solo)

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

McDonald’s Spicy Shake Shake Fries (Php65.00 – medium solo / Php85.00 – large solo)

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

If you have companions or maybe just a big Spicy person, then you might want to order the McDonald’s burger bundle with three of the Spicy Burgers, a BFF Spicy Shake Shake Fries, and three regular drinks.

What we think?

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

The Spicy Chicken Burger is ok but lacking in our opinion. Just the same as McSpicy but slight inferior. We feel that the chicken might be over-breaded and the taste is flour-y (if there is such a word). The lack of lettuce is also disappointing since it adds refreshing taste to the burger.

The Spicy Shake Shake Fries is also ok. A good addition to the choices and great on its own. But we were easily satiated by the taste after a few bites of the burger plus the fries. We were actually joking that it could have been better if McDonald’s actually offered Spicy McFloat. Lmao.

Hurry up as this offering is only available for a limited time.

As of the time of writing this article, most part of the Philippines is under the Enhanced Community Quarantine because of the global pandemic, COVID19. Hence, orders can only be availed thru takeout or delivery from selected branches.

Baconized Treats from KFC PH

Baconized Treats from KFC PH

KFC Philippines has once again launched another twist to their classic offerings. This time, they “baconized” one of their best sellers, the Zinger. 

The Baconized Zinger is the original KFC Zinger with Hot and Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich, with lettuce and cheese, and “baconized” not just by adding bacon strips but also made more exciting by two additional bacon-base sauces, the bacon-naise and the bacon relish.

New Offerings from KFC PH

This KFC’s new offering can be enjoyed as follows:

1. Baconized Zinger (ala carte Php150.00 / combo Php199.00 with fries and drink)

2. Snacker or Baconized Zinger Jr. (ala carte Php100.00 / combo Php154.00 with fries and drink)

3. Fully Loaded Meal with Snacker (Php195.00)

4. Baconized Bucket of Fries (Php99.00)

For merienda, we opted to purchase the Baconized Zinger with the Baconized Bucket of Fries.

First, we would just like to appreciate similar the actual Zinger looks vs the advertised photo. For the taste, however, this version actually taste just the same with the signature Zinger with a hint of taste from the actual bacon strips (adds minimal smoky flavor). The baconnaise didn’t add anything to the sandwich. Upon inspection of the sandwich, the sandwich given to us don’t have the bacon relish (#SadPAPA). This is very sad since we actually loved the Bucket of fries, which was with – guess what? – the bacon relish. 

If we had known, we should have set aside some bacon relish from the fries and added it to the sandwich. The bacon relish is tasty and added spiciness to the dish. It is actually very similar to the salsa used for KFC Chaco but with bacon.

How about you? Have you tried these newest creations by KFC? Let us know if this is a #YesPAPA or a #NoPAPA for you.

John and Yoko Review – Double Fantasy

John and Yoko Review – Double Fantasy

From the name itself, John and Yoko gives you an idea of unison and love, applied on food of course.  The restaurant reminds us of one of the famous members of The Beatles, John Lennon, and his Japanese wife, Yoko Ono.  (#NoPapa, we are not from the generation you’re thinking right now. #YesPapa, we love music, and we research, hehe)

salmon carpaccio using chopsticks

Prepare for the rumble, make it double!

john and yoko signage

John and Yoko Fusion Restaurant

John and Yoko is a cosmopolitan restaurant known for its innovative fusion cuisines.  We did just ten cart wheels to get there in Greenbelt 5, excited to taste their intriguing dishes.

The restaurant adopts Japanese theme in their interior and uses pastel colors which are pleasing to the eyes.

john and yoko menu

Upon seating, we didn’t know there’s a touch of Manila here since we found some Manila paper place mats! Hehe, just kidding.

John and Yoko: What We Ordered

So here are some selected dishes from their menu.

Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki – Php 278

crispy chicken teriyaki from john and yoko

Sounds weird at first for a sushi roll but this one surely did not disappoint our sushi cravings.  The cheddar surprisingly went well and made each bite creamy.

Dynamite Roll (#NoPapa) – Php 328

dynamite roll from john and yoko

I honestly did not know where to find the “dynamite” in the Dynamite Roll aside from the booming effect of the taste of crispy anchovies on top of the salmon sashimi.  Well for us, it made the rolls not just pricey but salty as well.

Salmon Carpaccio (#YesPapa) – Php 358

salmon carpaccio from john and yoko

These are slices of fresh salmon soaked in Ponzu sauce, topped with shredded parmesan and arugula leaves!  The cut of the salmon is around 2 millimeters thick each which makes it more absorbent of the taste.  This is definitely a must-try!

Crispy Gyudon – Php 348

crispy gyudon from john and yoko

Classic gyudon savory taste, but with a whole new texture.  

Gyu Yakinikudon – Php 348

gyu yakinikudon from john and yoko

This is very similar to Filipino’s beef tapa.  Although the sweetness is more powerful than saltiness.  While we are not fond of sweet viands, this might be enjoyable to you.

Torikatsu Curry – Php 378

torikatsu curry from john and yoko

The torikatsu curry is good.  However, it still does not compare with our favorite katsu restaurant.  (Watch out for our revelation on this.)

John and Yoko’s serving of their gyudon and curry bowls is only good for one.  We tried to share them but we were all hungry so some of us were not able to try all.  Awww.  In general, we find these bowls quite pricey.

Chicken and Shrimp Japaella (#YesPapa) – Php 598.00

crispy and shrimp japaella from john and yoko

This tastes like a celebration of love in every subo! You should not miss this one when you visit the restaurant.

Chicken Karaage Paella – Php 558.00

crispy chicken karaage paella from john and yoko

This paella has a calmer taste than the first one, since this one’s focused on the chicken.  But both are really tasty and satisfying to our tummies.

Samurai All Meat Pizza – Php 348.00

samurai all meat pizza from john and yoko

The pizza is good on its own.  We just realized that it doesn’t go well with the other food we ordered.  If you’re planning to have merienda, you should try this.

Shiritake Sukiyaki — Php 578.00

shiratake sukiyaki from john and yoko

Their sukiyaki has a fine soup and full of ingredients.  Don’t forget to put the egg immediately while it’s hot.

That’s all for our John and Yoko experience.  We hope you get to try it too and comment what you think below.  Please scroll a little more for Johnny’s recommendations.  Thank you!

Note: Prices are subject to 10% service charge before VAT

Nihonbashitei (“Nihon”) – Our Favorite Japanese Resto

Nihonbashitei (“Nihon”) – Our Favorite Japanese Resto

When we’re craving for Japanese food, specifically sashimi, no other restaurant would come to our minds but Nihonbashitei (or Nihon, as we prefer to call it). Whether it’s lunch or dinner, we will not think twice into barraging all the way from Ayala Avenue to their branch in either near Dusit Thani Hotel or near Don Bosco. Both of these branches are along Arnaiz Avenue.

Izakaya Nihon Style Dining

When dining, one can choose to sit over the bar for a more immersed Japanese experience. You may also opt to dine within a private room but the servers might only allow it for a group of 4 or more. Another part of the restaurant (not in the photos) also caters to smoking populace wherein one can sit Japanese style (“seiza”).

So without further ado, may we present to you our review of this favorite Japanese restaurant of ours.

What We Ordered

Beef Teppanyaki (#YesPapa) – PhP 320.00

Thinly sliced beef- soft and tender but also tend to be fatty. The sukiyaki sauce is salty from the soy, sweet from the mirin (or rice wine?). It is also tangy from the ginger, which counters the oily taste of the fatty beef. Additionally, the vegetables are cooked just right to maintain its crunch and fresh taste.

Salmon Sashimi – PhP 380.00

Nothing can really go wrong with thinly sliced fresh salmon. The ones from Nihon may not be the best quality as compared to other more expensive Japanese restaurants. But considering its bang for the buck, this dish is one of the best. Just a little bit of wasabi and a splash of soy sauce and you’re good to go.

Spicy Salmon Sashimi (#YePapa) – PhP 300.00

The sauce has just right level of spiciness which is suits well the softness of the sashimi. It must be noted, however, that the salmon pieces are smaller as compared to fresh salmon sashimi but it doesn’t in any way the happiness brought about by this dish.
Johnny Tip! Order this every time you visit Nihon! Go!

Spicy Salmon Maki – PhP 280.00

This dish is the same with Spicy Salmon Sashimi but in Maki form. We however noted that the ones used for this dish are even smaller, as compared to the tiny chunks in spicy sashimi, and a tad less fresh. This is recommended for people who cannot handle the full raw taste of sashimi but can handle smaller portions of it with the addition of rice.

Pork Ginger – PhP 300.00

This is actually suggested by one of our colleagues since this is one of her favorites. We are actually expecting it to taste like “tinola” because of the ginger but when we tasted it, it was actually not as bad as we expected it to be. The ginger actually cuts the the sharp taste of the pork. It may not be one of our favorites, but we can’t also say that we didn’t like the dish.

Omurice – PhP 250.00

As Filipinos, we usually can’t eat without rice. Hence, we usually order this dish as companion to beef teppanyaki when we want something different instead of the usual japanese white rice. We just wish that more eggs were used so that the inside of the omelet (the ones touching the rice) is still runny.

Johnny tip! We forgot to ask the servers to serve the ketchup on the side so as to lessen the sour taste of the dish from the tomato (sauce) or ketchup mixed to the rice.

Salmon head (#YesPapa) – PhP 320.00

If one dish exemplifies simplicity is beauty, this dish would probably be it. Grilled just right to make the skin crispy and add a smoky taste to the fish. The flesh was kept moist and soft. Nothing will go to waste since after eating the skin and the flesh, you can also opt to munch on the cartilage-nous part, the bones, and of course, the eye. This dish definitely deserves our #YesPapa recommendation

Johnny tip! You may opt to ask for the fish to be not salted before grilling. This way, you will be able to appreciate the natural taste and freshness of the fish.

California Maki (#NoPapa) – P250.00

Normal california maki. Tasty with complementing flavors from the crabstick and the mango along with the nori but this dish then to be forgettable when combined with other more spectacular dishes. 


Nihon is not really a popular place when it comes to ramen but they still offer several options for those who want to slurp some soup and noodles.

Ankake Ramen – PhP 280.00

Thick soup (read: lomi levels) overflowing with fresh seafood (shrimp, squid, fish) and vegetables along with thick noodles. This dish is perfect for those wanting a break from all the rawness of sushi and sashimi. A complete dish but not really comparable with other restaurants specializing in ramen.

Chuka Tsukemen – PhP 280.00

This ramen is one of the only two dipping ramen in Nihon’s menu. Although the strong seaweed taste creates a symphony of taste when noodles are dipped, it also suffers the same fate as that of the california maki since it is overpowered by more “like-able” dishes.

Katsu Curry – PhP 320.00

This dish is also one of our staple orders in Nihon when we want a full meal (read: viand and rice) and we do not have enough budget to order viand and rice separately. What we like about this dish is it’s not too strong but still with the savory and deep taste of spices. However, the dish can be gritty at times.

Chicken Teriyaki – PhP 250.00

This dish is delicious as it is perfectly seasoned and not extra sweet unlike other teriyaki chicken dishes offered in other restaurants or fast food. This dish is perfect with steamy white japanese rice. However, this dish seem too ordinary when coupled with our favorites.

During this specific visit to Nihon, Tuna (Toro) and Uni are unavailable. Hence, we are unable to review the dishes which feature the said ingredients. This also means that you should stay tuned for our updates in our blog.

Phew! That’s it! All in all, we cannot deny the fact that Nihonbashi Tei will always be our favorite restaurant offering authentic Japanese cuisine that is affordable and enjoyable.

Note: Prices are inclusive of VAT but subject to 10% service charge.