Ever craved for Chinese food that do not scream with oil and monosodium glutamate? Well, you’re in for a treat. You’ve click the right blog article. Hehe. We have just eaten at Sup Chow and we’ve reviewed the food offerings of this fusion restaurant.

The Restaurant

Sup? Chow is a fusion take on bold Asian flavors with western influences using the freshest ingredients. The chef behind this restaurant is Chef Francis Lim (NAV, Tipple and Slaw).

This restaurant is located in Salcedo Village, Makati. The location is a little hidden since it is located in the 2F of Antel Corporate Center (Entrance is facing the Valero access road).

Although hard to find, this restaurant is actually an exciting discovery for us thanks to our officemates and of course, our #YesPAPA radar, the Zomato Gold 1+1 Food promo. 

Upon entering the restaurant, one can already observe the modern but simple interiors accented with the big “Sup? Chow neon lights” and exposed light bulbs. 

What We Ordered at Sup Chow

The menu of Sup Chow is very simple but still with variety of choices.

One of the dishes we have sampled is the Mapo Tofu Wontons.

Mapu Tofu Wontons (Php250.00) #YesPAPA

This dish was a very good appetizer and a very good starting point to our meal. The taste of the dish is  balance of salty, sweet, and spicy. The texture is also a balance of the soft meat / tofu and the crispy wonton wrappers.

For the mains, we have tried beef and pork dishes with rice and noodles.

Roasted Pork Belly with Fruit Pickles, Mustard Sauce, Light Hoisin (Php390.00) #SobrangSulitPAPA

The taste of the pork itself is actually very similar to pork belly of other Chinese restaurants but the mustard sauce and the pickles are the game changers to dish dish. This dish also comes with 1 soft-boiled egg (plus points for this dish).

Truffle Braised Beef with Sauteed Shrooms (Php450.00) #YummyYesPAPA

Braised beef as itself is already a very tasty and delicious dish. With the addiiton of the mushrooms and the truffle, an additional layer of tastiness and sophistication were added. Not sure whether the truffle used was authentic or not but we’re ok as long as it’s not “lasang gas”.

Beef Rendang with Homemade Curry Paste, Curry Leaves (Php380.00)

As we said in our previous blog posts (See Bebe Rouge Patisserie), we dont really like curry but since this dish gives a muted curry taste, we actually liked this dish. The sauce actually partners well with the very tender meat.

Sup Chow Fried Rice (Php350.00)

This dish has a well-balanced taste though did not really standout as compared to the other dishes.

Spicy Sesame Peanut Noodles with Pork Chili (Php280.00)

We’re not really fond of peanut-y dishes but the pork chili made this dish still memorable. We also recommend that you add additional chili sauce to counter the peanut taste.

Masachi with White Chocolate (Php ) #YesPAPAHeaven

This is heaven disguised as a dessert. The sticky and chewy mochi ball is complemented well by molten white chocolate, which oozes once you bite into it.

Note that all cilantro and cilantro-looking stuff were removed from the dishes. (#CilantroHerbNoPAPAForever haha)