As someone working in Makati, it is very seldom for us to visit restaurants in Manila or other northern cities since we usually opt to stay at home during weekends (#TitoProblems). For this particular visit, we actually started at Robinsons Place Manila to find somewhere to eat lunch. Since we are craving for Unlimited Samgyupsal and as suggested by our friend, we went to Premier The Samgyupsal.

Premier The Samgyupsal is a restaurant offering unlimited Korean meats and side dishes located along Mabini Street in Malate, Manila. Since we visited lunchtime on a Saturday, we chose their LUNCH Unli Mix (Unlimited Pork and Chicken – 9 Kinds) Promo for Php500.00 Only (Php580.00 All day).

Premier the Samgyupsal Menu

They also offer other promos as follows:

1. Unli Pork and Chicken -6 Kinds (Php500.00 All day / Php450.00 Lunch)

2. Unli Shabu Shabu (Php580.00 All day / Php500.00 Lunch)

NO LINES at Premier the Samgyupsal!

As compared to other more popular Unli Samgyupsal places, we were seated right away for this visit even though the visit was on a weekend. We’re not sure why there is no queue (or if this is a good or bad thing?). We are not sure though if this place is cramped during dinner or other late night service hours.

Another good news is…
They are open 24 hours. So if you are craving for samgyupsal during the wee hours, then you’ll know where to go.

Look and Feel

We were not able to appreciate the interior or the look of the restaurant although I know that they have large LCD TVs blasting Kpop music. We believe the place is is perfect for people who wants to chill and binge on Korean meats and side dishes while singing with their favorite Kpop groups.

Unli Mix – 9 Kinds of Meat

Premier Samgyupsal offers an array of Korean side dishes, which are refillable so you can eat your hearts out with Kimchi and fresh lettuce. Too bad they don’t have fish cake as a side dish.

Similar to other Korean Unli restaurants, they also have melted cheese to accompany the meat (or the side dishes).

Moving on to the star of the show, they offer 9 types of meat served in a pig-shaped wooden platter. The meats are just so-so as other similar restos. Since we’re not really fans of pork (but we still wants to maximize our consumption of meat. HAHA), we just finished the initial serving of other kinds and ordered several refills of the samgyupsal.

The Experience

I can say that the experience it quite satisfying especially that we did not experience the horror of queuing for hours vs other Unli Samgyup restaurants. The servers are attentive and they give the requested refills right away. 

One negative experience though is that we were felt cheated since they told us that their 1.5L Coca-cola (Php100.00) was already out of stock when we ordered so we opted for their Canned Coke (Php50.00) x 2. After a while, we saw them serve 1.5 Coke for a group which just arrived.