BebeĀ RougeĀ is located along Metropolitan Ave. but the restaurant is kind of hard to find because its main signage is facing Sacred Heart Street. Upon entering, one can already observe the very vibrant neon pink accent walls and decors throughout the restaurant. There is also the fragrant smell of freshly baked cakes and pastries. They also showcase their cake offerings in their store front display case and baked goods in their very huge center table along with their tea offering in side shelves.

What we ordered at Bebe Rouge

Given that desserts are the main specialty at Bebe Rouge, there are only limited options when it comes to their savory food offerings. In fact, you can only choose between their pasta, Japanese curry, and their breakfast plate. For me, I chose their Katsu Curry.

Katsu Curry – Php340.00 (#SobrangSulitPAPA)

The taste is somewhat what I expected from a Japanese curry although I not sure if it really taste authentic or its because I lowered my expectations since this is clearly not a Japanese restaurant. The dish is balanced between savory and peppery and the spices do not overpower the overall experience. What I love most about this dish is the generosity of meat since there are 2 meatball size Tonkatsu and mixed in the curry sauce are bits of ‘menudo’ sized pork (I thought they are tofu at first).

Japanese Curry Rice – Php295.00

For their other curry dishes, I believe the taste is just similar since they look like the same curry sauce based is used. The difference is just the meat mixed with the sauce.

Creamy Smoked Salmon – Php280.00

Some of my officemates also ordered their Creamy Salmon Carbonara, which has a very ironic name since their only comment on the dish is that its they like it but they wish for it to be creamier.

Strawberry Shortcake – Regular Php160.00 / Sugarfree Php160.00

They said this cake is their best seller. Personally, I do not have special liking for cakes or sweets. Thus, my conclusion that the cake seems to be ordinary. The cake could have been better if it tastes more strawberry than creamy. Also available in sugar free variant (which is sweeter according to my officemates)

Mille Crepe – Php130.00

Even though this crepe cake is overpowered by other cakes, I still appreciate the utility it brings. It acts as palate cleanser in between bites of the other sweeter cakes. This cake is a perfect companion with your coffee or tea.

Salted Caramel – Php140.00 (#YesPAPA)

This is probably the sweetest of all the cakes but the texture its provides is what this cake offers. Soft on the top and crunchy bottom with decadent salted caramel filling is perfect end for a meal.

Mousse Au Chocolat – Php155.00

This cake it good not quite memorable because its just similar to other chocolate mousse. 

Other cakes are the following, which I haven’t able to taste.

Savarin (Php130.00)

Overall, Im ok with the Bebe Rouge experience. I think the it could have been better if the visit is for a coffee break or during a laidback afternoon or a typical after-office “chikahan”. We also encountered some problems when we are about to pay our bill. This is because the staff still needed to contact the manager regarding the Zomato Gold promotion.