Every now and then, we like to explore the Metro to find and dine on new places. Luckily, our feet led us all the way to Taft Avenue to try Angrydobo. Angrydobo is an adobo-themed (obviously) restaurant by Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. It is located along Taft in front of De La Salle University (Henry Sy Sr. Building).

The interior of the place is simple modern. The ceiling has LED lights with filipino messages is nice but you’ll look weird and stupid if you look up to read them.

The place is a little small so it feels cramped when the place is full. Since place is small, there will be moderate waiting time during peak hours. We visited lunchtime on a holiday and we still needed to wait some time.

It is also best to remember that this is a self-service restaurant. The servers will not take your order you need to pay at the counter. The prices on the menu do not include a service fee, which will be added upon ordering.

The menu is simple and true to the name Angrydobo. Most of main dishes are adobo but there are still options since they also offer items such as appetizers, side dishes, and drinks.

What We Ordered

Since it’s lunchtime, we each individually ordered a rice bowl. For each bowl, you can choose from the following three vegetable side dishes. We each ordered a different side dish so we can taste all.

1. Gising-Gising – veggie is still crunchy and cooked right. It is a bit salty though by itself (which we think is because it is meant to be eaten with rice).

2. Laing – the taste of the coconut milk is apparent but not overpowering. It also is a little salty similar to the Gising-Gising).

3. Steamed Kangkong with Garlic – plain and simple. Kangkong seems fresh and garlic topping is crunchy and cooked well (not burnt). This side dish is good with more salty viands like the classic adobo and tofu adobo. Too bad it was paired with the sardines since the taste is muted when mixed with rice.

Angrydobo Classic (Pork Belly) – Php245.00

Sauce is added at the start, which makes the bowl sizzle (beware if you still have meetings afterwards). Pork seems cooked twice (braised then fried or the other way around). Slices were not too thick and meat is fork tender. By itself, the dish is a little salty (similar to some side dishes) but just enough when mixed with the steaming hot rice.

Angrydobo Tofu (Vegetarian) – Php215.00

Similar to taste of the classic adobo minus the grease from the pork. It is a little dry however. For me, the tofu pieces were a little overcooked. This is a good alternative for diners who want to skip on the meat especially during the lenten season.

Angry Sardines w/ Egg – 235.00

The meat is soft and some of the bones can be eaten without worrying of being stuck in your throat. Although a sauce will also be added, its taste is a little muted compared to the adobo dishes. This dish is good for someone who wants to lesses their salt intake and who want to skip pork/beef.

Bonus: If you want to add “flare”, Angrydobo provides a spicy sauce which is sure to not just elevate the taste of the dishes but also to increase your appetite to finish your bowl of rice.