From the name itself, John and Yoko gives you an idea of unison and love, applied on food of course.  The restaurant reminds us of one of the famous members of The Beatles, John Lennon, and his Japanese wife, Yoko Ono.  (#NoPapa, we are not from the generation you’re thinking right now. #YesPapa, we love music, and we research, hehe)

salmon carpaccio using chopsticks

Prepare for the rumble, make it double!

john and yoko signage

John and Yoko Fusion Restaurant

John and Yoko is a cosmopolitan restaurant known for its innovative fusion cuisines.  We did just ten cart wheels to get there in Greenbelt 5, excited to taste their intriguing dishes.

The restaurant adopts Japanese theme in their interior and uses pastel colors which are pleasing to the eyes.

john and yoko menu

Upon seating, we didn’t know there’s a touch of Manila here since we found some Manila paper place mats! Hehe, just kidding.

John and Yoko: What We Ordered

So here are some selected dishes from their menu.

Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki – Php 278

crispy chicken teriyaki from john and yoko

Sounds weird at first for a sushi roll but this one surely did not disappoint our sushi cravings.  The cheddar surprisingly went well and made each bite creamy.

Dynamite Roll (#NoPapa) – Php 328

dynamite roll from john and yoko

I honestly did not know where to find the “dynamite” in the Dynamite Roll aside from the booming effect of the taste of crispy anchovies on top of the salmon sashimi.  Well for us, it made the rolls not just pricey but salty as well.

Salmon Carpaccio (#YesPapa) – Php 358

salmon carpaccio from john and yoko

These are slices of fresh salmon soaked in Ponzu sauce, topped with shredded parmesan and arugula leaves!  The cut of the salmon is around 2 millimeters thick each which makes it more absorbent of the taste.  This is definitely a must-try!

Crispy Gyudon – Php 348

crispy gyudon from john and yoko

Classic gyudon savory taste, but with a whole new texture.  

Gyu Yakinikudon – Php 348

gyu yakinikudon from john and yoko

This is very similar to Filipino’s beef tapa.  Although the sweetness is more powerful than saltiness.  While we are not fond of sweet viands, this might be enjoyable to you.

Torikatsu Curry – Php 378

torikatsu curry from john and yoko

The torikatsu curry is good.  However, it still does not compare with our favorite katsu restaurant.  (Watch out for our revelation on this.)

John and Yoko’s serving of their gyudon and curry bowls is only good for one.  We tried to share them but we were all hungry so some of us were not able to try all.  Awww.  In general, we find these bowls quite pricey.

Chicken and Shrimp Japaella (#YesPapa) – Php 598.00

crispy and shrimp japaella from john and yoko

This tastes like a celebration of love in every subo! You should not miss this one when you visit the restaurant.

Chicken Karaage Paella – Php 558.00

crispy chicken karaage paella from john and yoko

This paella has a calmer taste than the first one, since this one’s focused on the chicken.  But both are really tasty and satisfying to our tummies.

Samurai All Meat Pizza – Php 348.00

samurai all meat pizza from john and yoko

The pizza is good on its own.  We just realized that it doesn’t go well with the other food we ordered.  If you’re planning to have merienda, you should try this.

Shiritake Sukiyaki — Php 578.00

shiratake sukiyaki from john and yoko

Their sukiyaki has a fine soup and full of ingredients.  Don’t forget to put the egg immediately while it’s hot.

That’s all for our John and Yoko experience.  We hope you get to try it too and comment what you think below.  Please scroll a little more for Johnny’s recommendations.  Thank you!

Note: Prices are subject to 10% service charge before VAT