Ever find yourself craving for more unlimited samgyupsal? So are we. Again and again, we find ourselves sitting in front of a grill and ordering trays of Korean meat and side dishes. For this review, we focus our eyes to Jin Joo Korean Grill. The unlimited offer is a new promotion since they only have ala carte dishes previously (they still offer ala carte dishes and unlimited promo for this particular branch is only up to 9 PM).

“Sobrang sawang-sawa na ko sa samgyupsal!”

– said no one ever

For us of course, there is no other option but the unlimited option (Php499.00 / +Php50.00 for dinner) with 10 flavors of premium meat, unlimited kimbap, side dish, and cheese fondue.

Jin Joo Korean Grill is located at the Ground Floor of Glorietta 4 (Note: Entrance is beside Ascott. You need to exit the mall).

They also give a free 1.5 Coca-cola for groups of 4 pax. (See also our experience with Premier The Samgyupsal and why we felt cheated)

As we entered the restaurant, we already felt that the ambience is very bright. The place looks very edgy and model with neon accent lights. Similar to other KBBQ place, Kpop is also played loudly throughout the restaurant (+++ for them because we were able to finally hear 2NE1 on our fourth visit. Ehehe).

For the meats, you can choose from the following 10 types of meat.

Our favorite will be the Cajun Woosamgyup (beef belly with spicy cajun dry rub – #TheBombPAPA) and the unmarinated Woosamgyup (We call this beef bacon. Hehe).

We have also tried the pork skin but did not enjoy the experience since there will be lots of splatter (You will be hurt #MasheketPAPA) and unfortunately, we were not able to make the skin crispy.  They also have chicken but we don’t usually order this because its cheap and not worth our stomach space.

They also offer various side dishes (not same for each visit). Our favorites will most probably the Odeng (Korean fish cakes) and their super fresh lettuce.

I can also say that their service is commendable. We didn’t feel that they are panicking (di magkanda-ugaga) when we order different items at the same time. For improvement, I wish they also keep track of the requested items so they will not miss (or there won’t be a need to repeat the orders) next time.

Also, as compared also to other Korean grill restaurants, they use gas (Butane Gas?) for grilling vs charcoal. Were not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. We’re definitely sure, though, that eating 26 trays of meat for a group of 5 is not healthy at all. Hahaha!

They also sell Korean ice cream if you need to cleanse your already greasy palate.

All in all, Jin Joo is definitely our favorite after-work Korean Grill restaurant. Its very strategic location (Makati CBD) made it easy for us to go straight there after work. We also also feel the place exudes a very friendly and happy atmosphere.