Ikigai Japan’s Premium Fresh Milk Tea – First Taste

Ikigai Japan’s Premium Fresh Milk Tea – First Taste

Living in today’s world where the “new normal” is apparent, there is no surprise that there will changes in the way we do things in our daily lives. The status quo is gone and our lives is forever changed. But one thing’s for sure, we will still have our own reasons to wake up for each brand new day. This is actually the concept of Ikigai, the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing.

Ikigai, the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing.

Hector Garcia, the co-author of Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

The term Ikigai might actually the inspiration behind one of the newest milk tea offering – Ikigai: Japan’s Premium Fresh Milk Tea.

Ikigai: Japan’s Premium Fresh Milk Tea

We are lucky to have the chance to be ones of the first to taste their Yes Yummy milk tea drinks! Ikigai offers a variety of drinks on their menu including milk teas and fruit teas but they also have premium drinks from the Cheesecake and Yogurt Series. For the non-tea drinkers, they also have options without tea. Prices range from Read on to know what we think!

Ikigai – Bubble and Premium Milk Tea

Brown Sugar – Grande Php70.00 / Venti Php85.00

What I like about this drink is that the brown sugar syrup did not overpower the taste of the tea. Hence, this might not be ok for someone who wants their milk tea to be very sweet or very milky. A perfect combination of the sweet brown sugar syrup, deep taste of the tea plus soft and chewy pearls. All actually compliments each other.

Hokkaido – Grande Php90.00 / Venti Php105.00 (#YesYumYum)

The Hokkaido Milk Tea from Ikigai is creamy and rich just like what Hokkaido milk tea should be. The drink is also in the sweet side but I’m sure you can adjust the sweetness level when you ordered. For me, I added some ice to water down the sweetness level but it could have been better if more tea was added. We surely recommend this flavor! The price is a little pricey as compared to more “popular” milk tea brands so it could be a deciding factor. Nevertheless, this is still our favorite.

Ikigai – Premium Fruit Teas and Cheesecake Series

Blueberry – Grande Php100.00 / Venti Php115.00

We’re not really fond of fruity drinks since they are almost always super sweet. This one is also on the sweet side but the kiddies actually loved this. We’re not really sure if the sinkers work with the fruit tea (not just with this one. We really don’t like sinkers with our fruit teas).

Strawberry Cheesecake – Grande Php110.00 / Venti Php130.00

The taste is fruity and a little bit sweeter for us than blueberry fruit tea. We actually wish the taste to be more “cheesecake-y”.

Want some Yes Yum Yum tip? Put the blueberry (fruit tea) or strawberry cheesecake in the freezer and wait for it to be frozen (“slurpee” like) – you’ll surely love it since the sweetness will be lesser and the icy consistency is enjoyable.

Regular Drinks

Chocolate Hot Fudge – Grande Php60.00 / Venti Php75.00 #YesYumYum

Super duper yummy. The chocolate really stands out. Was expecting this to be also on the sweeter side since I first tasted the blueberry and strawberry cheesecake but it was not. The sweetness is just right. Not sure if the drinks supposedly has swirls of hot fudge since it was already “mixed” when delivered but I can still taste some hot fudge goodness. All in all, We can say that this is our favorite drink out of all the drinks. The price is also very competitive.


We don’t normally order toppings/sinkers for our milktea drinks but the one from Ikigai is actually tasty, soft and chewy. Unfortunately, some have become a little mushy and became clumped tother so its somewhat difficult to drink with the straw.

Ikigai Japan’s Premium Fresh Milk Tea

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ikigaimilktea/


Disclaimer: Milk tea were provided for free but this article was written with our own opinion and insights.

New Spicy Chicken Burger from McDo PH

New Spicy Chicken Burger from McDo PH

McDonald’s Philippines has launched 2 “new” spicy offerings to their menu. This includes a new Spicy Chicken Burger and the new Spicy Shake Shake Fries.

Courtesy: McDonald’s Philippines

The new Spicy Chicken Burger a meaty and spicy fried chicken cutlet, topped with creamy mayo, and sandwiched in-between a sesame split bun. You might ask what’s the difference between this and the previously offered McSpicy? The answer is none except that this one does not have lettuce.

The new Spicy Shake Shake Fries, on the other hand, is a totally new offering – the spicy powder of course, not the fries.

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Burger (Php99.00 – solo)

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

McDonald’s Spicy Shake Shake Fries (Php65.00 – medium solo / Php85.00 – large solo)

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

If you have companions or maybe just a big Spicy person, then you might want to order the McDonald’s burger bundle with three of the Spicy Burgers, a BFF Spicy Shake Shake Fries, and three regular drinks.

What we think?

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Curger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries

The Spicy Chicken Burger is ok but lacking in our opinion. Just the same as McSpicy but slight inferior. We feel that the chicken might be over-breaded and the taste is flour-y (if there is such a word). The lack of lettuce is also disappointing since it adds refreshing taste to the burger.

The Spicy Shake Shake Fries is also ok. A good addition to the choices and great on its own. But we were easily satiated by the taste after a few bites of the burger plus the fries. We were actually joking that it could have been better if McDonald’s actually offered Spicy McFloat. Lmao.

Hurry up as this offering is only available for a limited time.

As of the time of writing this article, most part of the Philippines is under the Enhanced Community Quarantine because of the global pandemic, COVID19. Hence, orders can only be availed thru takeout or delivery from selected branches.

Sweet Treats from Baked by Catalina – Yes Yum Bites

Sweet Treats from Baked by Catalina – Yes Yum Bites

Enhanced Quarantine is still effective throughout Manila and we have been trying various food items around the metro. For this Yes Yum Bites blog, we tried Baked by Catalina products’ Yema Ensaymada and No Regrets Cookies

Yema Ensaymada (Php650.00 for box of 6)

Yummy and fluffy. The cheese and sweet creamy topping also did not disappoint. The Ensaymada bread is also not that sweet so it could be suitable for those guarding their sugar level (just skip the yema. Ahehe). The yema is a good compliment to the the bread since it elevates the taste but could have been better if the yema is well distributed inside

No Regrets Cookies (Php650.00 for box of 10)

Contrary to its name, you will surely regret eating the cookies after checking your sugar level. Each cookie is extra sweet so you we suggest you should not eat the whole box by yourself. Each cookie is a wonder and each bite is an explosion of flavors. It’s sweet and chewy but with hints of saltiness of the walnuts and peanut butter (not sure if there really is peanut butter but it sure gives another level of flavor). The price is a little steep but still sulit since you get premium ingredients like the walnut.

If you want to try the desserts, sweet treats, and cakes from Baked by Catalina you may contact them below

Facebook: http://facebook.com/bakedbycatalina

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bakedbycatalina/

Contact number: +63 906 377 4455

SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza from Pizza Hut

SPAM Cheesy Bites

We’re giving you a reason to play with your food. Try Pizza Hut's SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza with SPAM in every bite. Just twist, pull, and pop to enjoy!Order yours today at www.pizzahut.com.ph or dial ‎8911-1111. #SPAMCheesyBites #PizzaHutPH

Geplaatst door Pizza Hut op Maandag 24 februari 2020

Craving for both SPAM and pizza? Crave no more! The new SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza from Pizza Hut is now here.

This is not the SPAM you are receiving from your emails. You can eat them instead. This is made possible by a new creation from Pizza Hut. The new SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza is a new spin on the Stuffed-crust Pizza.

SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza (Regular – Php419.00 / Large – Php639.00)

This new Pizza Hut creation is a new twist on the classic cheese pizza with SPAM cubes on top. This is complemented with cheesy pull-able crust stuffed with SPAM and cheese.

We ordered this during the early part of the enhanced quarantine in the National Capital Region since we are craving for some pizza goodness. In fairness to them, the delivery is still fast and prompt even though it is expected that there will be bulk of delivery orders from others as well.

The pizza is actually a little salty – from the SPAM but still tasty. The cheesiness, on the other hand, cuts this saltiness and provides a creamy texture to the dish. Despite our liking to thin-crusted pizza, it is actually good that Pizza Hut’s pizzas has thick crust. The crispy and savory hot crust also complements the saltiness of the SPAM.

The pull-able cheesy bites are also quite salty but the cheesiness and the crust complements it very well. The stuffed crust can actually stands on its own as a snack.

Upon researching, we noted that the Cheesy Bites Pizza should have came with a Marinara Sauce but our order didn’t have the sauce. Regardless, the pizza is still ok for us. The experience could have been better and we could have had a #YesYumYum experience if we had the Marinara Sauce.

The SPAM Cheesy Bites Pizza is available beginning 3 March 2020 up to 9 May 2020 only.

Baconized Treats from KFC PH

Baconized Treats from KFC PH

KFC Philippines has once again launched another twist to their classic offerings. This time, they “baconized” one of their best sellers, the Zinger. 

The Baconized Zinger is the original KFC Zinger with Hot and Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich, with lettuce and cheese, and “baconized” not just by adding bacon strips but also made more exciting by two additional bacon-base sauces, the bacon-naise and the bacon relish.

New Offerings from KFC PH

This KFC’s new offering can be enjoyed as follows:

1. Baconized Zinger (ala carte Php150.00 / combo Php199.00 with fries and drink)

2. Snacker or Baconized Zinger Jr. (ala carte Php100.00 / combo Php154.00 with fries and drink)

3. Fully Loaded Meal with Snacker (Php195.00)

4. Baconized Bucket of Fries (Php99.00)

For merienda, we opted to purchase the Baconized Zinger with the Baconized Bucket of Fries.

First, we would just like to appreciate similar the actual Zinger looks vs the advertised photo. For the taste, however, this version actually taste just the same with the signature Zinger with a hint of taste from the actual bacon strips (adds minimal smoky flavor). The baconnaise didn’t add anything to the sandwich. Upon inspection of the sandwich, the sandwich given to us don’t have the bacon relish (#SadPAPA). This is very sad since we actually loved the Bucket of fries, which was with – guess what? – the bacon relish. 

If we had known, we should have set aside some bacon relish from the fries and added it to the sandwich. The bacon relish is tasty and added spiciness to the dish. It is actually very similar to the salsa used for KFC Chaco but with bacon.

How about you? Have you tried these newest creations by KFC? Let us know if this is a #YesPAPA or a #NoPAPA for you.

UniCornetto: Selecta’s Mythical Ice Cream

UniCornetto: Selecta’s Mythical Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of foods which can be a companion during good times and low days. You can eat it when you’re with a special someone, during a celebration, or while binging your favorite series on Netflix (or iWant. Hehe). There are many flavors to choose from. Some like simple flavors like chocolate or vanilla while some are more adventurous in choosing like matcha or mint chocolate. Every now and then, ice cream companies release new flavors. Recently, Selecta release a new (not sure if limited edition) flavor, the Unicornetto.

What We Think about Unicornetto

Selecta’s unique rainbow-colored creation is finally here. This mythical ice cream is the newest edition to a wide array of ice cream flavors. It has a unique look and a unique flavor as well. I believe its made as such for the instagram-focused generation. The combination of colors is magnificent. For us, though, it could have been more instagram friendly if the top is not flatten by the packaging.

Its anatomy is divided into 4 parts
1. Red cone – not sure if there is flavor but seems just the normal cone for us.
2. Ice cream – Blue (cotton candy) and purple (marshmallow) ice cream with strawberry syrup center. Uber sweet for us and the flavors are not really our favorite. The strawberry center also confuses us when mixed with the two ice cream flavors. Even my niece (7 yrs old) did not like it. She also finds it super sweet.
3. Crunchy cereal topping – saving grace of the Unicornetto. The topping is crunchy at first with chewy center.
4. Chocolate bottom – same with other Cornetto creations. A good ending to this rather disappointing ice cream flavor.

Our Verdict

Our overall verdict? It’s a NO Yum Yum for us. The concept is good but it fails to impress us.

Fish is it! McDoPH brings back Fish and Fries

Fish is it! McDoPH brings back Fish and Fries

Our Tastiest Catch

Dive in for a tasty surprise! Enjoy the crunchy golden goodness of Fish & Fries or get the classic Filet-O-Fish. Catch ‘em while you can. Order now at www.mcdelivery.com.ph

Geplaatst door McDonald's op Donderdag 13 februari 2020

Return of Fishy Offerings

McDonald’s Philippines just brought back Fish and Fries as part of their menu for the Lent Season. They already launched this offering a few years back but this is the first time it will be reviewed in Yes Yum Yum.

McDonald’s Fish and Fries (1pc meal with drink – Php157.00 / 2pc meal with drink – Php253.00)

This is McDonald’s version of the classic British favorite featuring golden fried flaky fish and their World Famous Fries. The meal also comes with a sauce, of which you can choose between Tartar sauce or Sweet and Sour sauce.

Looking at the piece of fish, we thought that the breading will be thick but we realised soon that it’s not. The fish is crunchy and has a nice salty exterior and sweet meat. The Tartar sauce also adds a tang when the fish is dipped into it. Overall, the Fish and the Fries is a better alternative to the Filet-o-Fish if you want something new and lighter compared to other burger and chicken meals. We wish, though, that the fish be bigger since it’s quite tasty and the 2pc seems too expensive. You can also substitute rice with the fries at no additional cost if you want something more filling.

McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish (1pc Medium Meal – Php173.00 / 2 pc Medium Meal Php216.00)

The McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish is a unique creation of a golden fish fillet patty in between soft buns with tartar sauce. The combination of the tastes of the fish filet and tartar sauce is good but could have been better if the filet is crunchier. I wish McDonald’s would also offer in the future a similar sandwich but the filet is similar to that they are offering for the Fish and Fries meal.

These two new menu items are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery transactions and for a limited time only.

Have you tried these McDonald’s offerings for the lenten season? Let us know.