KFC Philippines has once again launched another twist to their classic offerings. This time, they “baconized” one of their best sellers, the Zinger. 

The Baconized Zinger is the original KFC Zinger with Hot and Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich, with lettuce and cheese, and “baconized” not just by adding bacon strips but also made more exciting by two additional bacon-base sauces, the bacon-naise and the bacon relish.

New Offerings from KFC PH

This KFC’s new offering can be enjoyed as follows:

1. Baconized Zinger (ala carte Php150.00 / combo Php199.00 with fries and drink)

2. Snacker or Baconized Zinger Jr. (ala carte Php100.00 / combo Php154.00 with fries and drink)

3. Fully Loaded Meal with Snacker (Php195.00)

4. Baconized Bucket of Fries (Php99.00)

For merienda, we opted to purchase the Baconized Zinger with the Baconized Bucket of Fries.

First, we would just like to appreciate similar the actual Zinger looks vs the advertised photo. For the taste, however, this version actually taste just the same with the signature Zinger with a hint of taste from the actual bacon strips (adds minimal smoky flavor). The baconnaise didn’t add anything to the sandwich. Upon inspection of the sandwich, the sandwich given to us don’t have the bacon relish (#SadPAPA). This is very sad since we actually loved the Bucket of fries, which was with – guess what? – the bacon relish. 

If we had known, we should have set aside some bacon relish from the fries and added it to the sandwich. The bacon relish is tasty and added spiciness to the dish. It is actually very similar to the salsa used for KFC Chaco but with bacon.

How about you? Have you tried these newest creations by KFC? Let us know if this is a #YesPAPA or a #NoPAPA for you.